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8 miles

I've cycled more miles on my days off than I have on today's transfer, but such is life. Just a short hop from one beach to another. You could see 'the mount' even from the campsite at Papamoa, and despite a pretty hefty wind, we made it here within the hour.

We were taking a bit of a risk actually, moving from Papamoa to here, because we wanted to come back to here based on a very pleasant memory of our stay in the camper on the way down (high expectations!). We were also very pleased with our site at Papamoa, so if we got to MM and found our expectations were not met, then we would regret having left Papamoa.

Mind you, when we packed up the tent this morning, I found the beginnings of an ants nest being built under my rucksack and about 5 big, ugly bugs under the groundsheet, so maybe it was a nightmare waiting to happen!

The good news is that, so far, our expectations with Mount Maunganui have been met. It's true the campsite is busier, but no more so than any of the others in recent weeks. Hopefully nothing we can't bear. I was talking to a guy working at the site at Papamoa, he said that there were about 30 paying guests per night this week and that over Christmas that increases to 5000 !!!!! He said you couldn't see a blade of grass in 'tent city'. All of a sudden, missing out on Christmas over here doesn't seem so bad. We wouldn't like it that busy.

So we got here about lunchtime, put the tent up and cycled into town (which we love) and had fish (snapper) and chips for lunch – really good!

This afternoon we risked the sea. It was chillier than at Papamoa, but clearer. Not sure if that is a good thing or not, because I just spent the whole time scanning beneath me looking for jellyfish or sharks or God knows what. For the most part, there wasn't much to see – the odd piece of seaweed like a lettuce leaf floating by. Occasionally though the seaweed was red, and easily mistaken for a jellyfish. Or it was a jellyfish. I freaked out on quite a few occasions. At one stage Nick told me to calm down and that there was nothing there – then about 5 seconds after that said – 'oh my god it's a huge crab!'. Then I saw a crab too, and after that what looked like another giant jellyfish, and that was enough for me. I scrambled for the beach as quickly as I could and couldn't muster another entry. We muttered something about the sea being much colder today, and bid a hasty retreat. Bit more research needed I think :o)

After that we've had a pretty lazy afternoon, reading and such. Nick went to the supermarket and is now the very proud owner of a silicone baking tin which, as we speak, holds a very delicious-smelling lasagne. The first kiwi-cooked lasagne we've had.


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