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This is a wonderful life, but it is not totally stress free or worry free. It is still life! Unexpected things happen. Our lives are still enter-twined with people we love and care about, who are not living the same lifestyle as we do.

It almost seems sometimes, as if we are living in two separate worlds. There is our full-time Rver, retired from our career, lifestyle, and there is the other world where friends and relatives dominated our thoughts when we were raising a family and working to earn a living. These are the folks who were around us when we lived that other life. Most of the time they are still there when we go home or return to the places we used to live. Our lives have moved in different directions but they are still there, still loved by us, and still important in our lives.

I just had a phone call from Jeff back at the Mark Twain Cave in Hannibal, MO. He called to inform me that Jim, a co-owner of the Cave Complex, a former doctor, and once fire chief, has passed away.

I remember having long talks with Jim, as we sat on a picnic table in the sunshine. He explained much of the history of Hannibal and especially the Cave Hollow area, to me.

Jim was a good man who always treated us kindly. He will be missed and our thoughts and prayers are with his wife, Linda, and his family.

Our day began on a much lighter note this morning, with a phone call from our friend, Gilbert, in Canada. He was laughing about the journal entry from yesterday, and the pictures of our “gang” at Pepe’s on the River. It was good to hear from Gilbert & Louise. These good friends are missed every day and we look forward to seeing them back here in the valley next fall.

I planned to take my truck to be detailed today. Gordon, Jesse and Jerry wanted to follow me to the car wash to have their vehicles done also.

It was a four-vehicle caravan going down the highway to Weslaco, to the car wash. The Ford leading the way, followed by a Dodge Ram, a Chevrolet, and a Honda. Something for everyone.

With my truck looking as if it had just rolled off the showroom floor, I drove back toward the resort. Suddenly there was a “Beep” followed by a message which announced “Water in Fuel”. Oh, Oh!

The manual states that the truck should be serviced as soon as possible, or words to that effect.

I called the Ford place and they said to bring it right in and they would get it repaired today.

I did that and the truck was soon as good as new, but my wallet was more than $300 flatter.

I have filled the truck only once with fuel since arriving in the valley. That was at a Valero station near our resort. That has to be the source of the water in the fuel.

I drove to the Valero station and spoke with the manager, who gave me the phone number of the Customer Service department.

Once I was back home I called them. They took down all of the information and said that they would mail or e-mail claim forms to me. Complete the forms, mail or e-mail them back, along with receipts for the fuel and the repairs on the truck, and a decision will be made to resolve the matter. OK, so far, things are going along in a sensible manner. I will keep you informed as to the end result of this matter.

Our day comes to a quiet end today, with the sad news from Hannibal.

Life is still life and on some days our lives take a more serious turn.

Please keep the Mark Twain Cave family in your prayers.

With sadness but optimistic about tomorrow, we look forward to a brighter day, and we just can’t wait to see what adventures tomorrow has in store…..

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