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We got to Yuma on Friday, December 5th. We will be staying at Del Pueblo RV Park for the rest of the month and the first few days of January, when we will kick off the official 2009 trip journal, as yet unnamed.

We've done a few local trips, like Martinez Lake and the Arizona Proving Grounds, both unremarkable for picture-taking, but beautiful countryside unpopulated, open desert with saguarro, ocotillo, cholla, creosote bushes, and mesquite and palo verde trees.

There is a marine air base and an army base within a few miles, so we often see tomcats (or whatever replaced them) flying overhead. The other morning there was a loud bang. We both thought the coach had been pushed off its jacks, but it was just a plane going by. I guess that what they mean by a sonic boom!

Sunday, we drove to the Mexican border and walked across to Los Algodones. It's every bit as nice as Nogales and Nuevo Progreso, but much larger. The artwork is amazing in metals, not so much carving as jewelry and decorations made of metal. We stopped and ate tacos and had a beer.

Dole and Sunkist have distribution centers nearby, and the park is surrounded by orchards. We walk along the irrigation canals, passing lemon, orange, and date palm trees. One morning, we saw two of the hugest rabbits on the continent! I guess with no enemies and lots of food, they can grow to enormous size, and these two surely did.

There are lettuce, cauliflower and cabbage fields, too. Sheep, horses, and a few cows also live nearby. This is less than a mile from the city line!

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