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This truck is bent! If there are any safety standards, they aren't...

Big bridge in the distance we will be going over

Parked for the night. Nice enough spot, but right by the highway

Friday December 12… 11:00pm

We made no effort to get up early, however when we did arise, we decided that the weather wasn’t good enough to warrant staying here. There was one more beach spot just north of the town of Frontera that we wanted to check out, and if that wasn’t good, we had plans on getting through the city of Ciudad Del Carmen and on to Isla Aguada where there was supposed to be an RV park run by Americans.

It turned out that the beach spot that was supposed to be so good was not. Some of the things mentioned in the guide books are not even close to accurate, and I often think you are better off without them and just making your own way through the world. So we continued on through to the city of Ciudad Del Carmen. We had to drive over two different long bridges to get there and they were both toll bridges…one was 123 pesos ($11.69 CAN, $9.35 US) and the next one was 121 pesos ($11.49 CAN, $9.20 US).

We found out that today is some kind of holiday honouring the saint Guadaloupe, or something like that. Many of the villages we passed through were having some kind of festival.

We had thought about trying for internet access in Ciudad Del Carmen, but I thought it might be better to get through the city quickly and then to the RV park, or a spot near the RV park that we had read might be good for free camping. Once again, neither of these possibilities worked out. The RV park at Isla Aguada wanted 240 pesos ($22.80 CAN, $18.25 US) even for dry camping, which made absolutely no business sense to me at all, and the free camping spot nearby was simply not good. Interestingly, the 8 or so sites at the RV park were all taken up with vehicles from Quebec.

So we drove on, having exhausted all the overnighting possibilities we started out with at the beginning of the day.

We have ended up parked beside the highway, at a tourist restaurant. It’s not ideal, but it’s safe and the owner approved us to park here for the night.

Total nights sleeping in a motorhome…415

December Fuel $180.50 CAN

December Grocery $ 100.05 CAN

December Overnight costs $ 49.80 CAN

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