Anne & Tom's Adventure in India travel blog

With some of our Classic Journeys group in the Delhi Airport.

My seat was in the "nursery section."

Back together in the USA.

Anne is showing her Kindle in the waiting room.

Our prop jet that brought us to Rochester.

Back to normal at the loom.

Tom is so happy to be cooking up a storm again.

Our flight left pretty much on time a little past midnight, and was in complete darkness all the way for 15 hours, since we were flying west, chasing the sun.

An on-time arrival at about 5:00 AM and quick passage through immigration and customs gave us time for long-awaited Starbucks expresso drink before boarding our prop jet for Rochester at 8:00 AM. We retrieved all of our baggage successfully and took a cab home. Thankfully, it was only raining and was in the 50s still, since we were not yet prepared for really cold weather or snow as we got off the plane. Jet lag is taking awhile to get over, but we are happy to be home and grateful for such a wonderful experience!

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