2008 Keys 2 Canada travel blog

crossing central Florida

one of Florida's famous landfills - yes those are vultures

service plaza on the Turnpike

toll gate

toll booths here are manned by the Geico gekko

and some very interesting brown birds

they seem to like the toll gates and they are not afraid...

coming into Parkland, Florida

gate to Viki and Andy's community

road to their house

here at last

they've painted the house since we left

Kielyn at gymnastics

Kielyn victorious on the balance beam

Ms Twister

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

(MP4 - 5.27 MB)

Kielyn on Balance Beam on Right

(MP4 - 1.77 MB)

Kielyn on Bars on Left

The return to where we started - Friday, December 5

We spent five days camped at Lazy Days and while we soon learned that it’s not perfect, it sure beats most RV parks for convenience and amenities. The staff is cordial, and best of all they are highly competent.

We busied ourselves with end of trip chores, cleaning, packing and storing our coach for the 15 week hiatus between this year’s adventure and the one we hope to begin in March of 2009. We had a rental car which made things easier. It gave us a place to put the stuff we want to mail home or take with us.

On Friday we filled the gas tank and added fuel stabilizer, filled the propane tank, topped off the water and added sanitizer and dumped the holding tanks. Then we drove over to the Service Pavilion where we left our baby in the capable hands of the Lazy Days crew. They will repair some body damage (we tangled with a tree) and they will repair a fairly long list of items that have worn out from use or become damaged.

By 10:30 we were ready to take off for Parkland. Parkland, Florida is our next stop - the place where this trip began last March. This is where our daughter Viki and her family live, and we are going to spend the weekend with them before we take off from Fort Lauderdale and fly home.

Time is more important than scenery now, so we got on the interstate and followed it to the Florida Turnpike. The Turnpike is a toll road that took us the rest of the way, and by early afternoon we were exiting in Boca Raton and soon we were at the McCright home in Parkland.

Viki and the kids were home, and we had an hour or so to unload the car before going to Kielyn’s gymnastics recital. It was sure good to see the kids and grandkids again, and to feel like part of a family once more. We are getting anxious now to see our family in California too.

We enjoyed the gymnastics a lot, then went for a good dinner out. Tomorrow will be more work, but at last the end is in sight.

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