I have exactaly 11 hours remaining on my layover in Doha. I had about 1.5 days in Doha as a break between flying from Cape Town to Bali.

Venturing down to this internet cafe has been about the only light of day my face has seen since I arrive yesterday morning. I have a pretty sweet hotel room where i have hibernated for the past day or so.

I was on the go for most of the month travling through South Africa, so the recovery has been welcomed. The hotel also has a gym. This has been the only formal working out of the entire trip. While I have enjoyed the post work out feeling, I know I am going to pay for it for the next couple days. You know it is going to be bad when you cant dry your self off after getting out of the shower.

Anywho I have spent enough time on Facebook and email the past hour to get me by for the next week or so.

If any one has some ideas of things not to miss in Doha, I have a half day left and will keep my cell phone on stand by.

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