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Wow, did the wind blow last night! The calm wind during the early evening turned into a gale later in the evening. The wind blew harder and harder and the temperatures fell lower and lower. I guarantee you that this Texas wind had our full attention!

Yesterday the temperature reached nearly 90 degrees, which tied the record for that date, then last night the temperatures nearly set a new record for the lowest temperature. What a change! (Tonight it will be in the 30's!)

We slept very little last night because of the howling wind, the rocking of the RV and the noise of the awnings over our slide-out rooms. I thought about getting out of bed to run the slide-outs back in, but simply raised up enough to close my bedroom window and then pulled the covers up close to my chin.

When we woke up this morning, the outdoor temp was 40 degrees and it was only 59 degrees inside. Time to click the furnace ON!

We had our morning coffee while talking about the wind, which had diminished to 20 to 30 mph and blew at that rate nearly all day today.

We didn’t care too much because I called Dave, a friend in Wichita, who told me the temperature there was only 18 and they had some snow yesterday. OK, I’m happy here in the valley!

Arund 10:00 AM, Marilyn & I picked up Jesse & Ginger and gave then an orientation tour of the resort. They purchased tickets for the Christmas dinner and the “Razz Ma Tazz” music show, later this month. Many fun events are on the horizon!

We saw Kit & Jerry and promised to let them know when we were going to lunch.

We finished our tour of the resort and stopped by our RV to pick up my cell phone. We let Kit & Jerry know that we were headed to the golf course and then to “Fat Daddy’s” BBQ for lunch.

The timing was perfect as we were just getting out of the truck as Kit & Jerry drove in.

We all enjoyed a great lunch of BBQ, and then we drove over to the “Estero Llano Grande” Bird Sanctuary, to show Jesse & Ginger where it is.

Back at the resort we dropped off our friends and then drove back to our own little home on wheels.

Gordon walked over to visit for awhile. As we sat talking, I noticed the propane truck outside and ran out to catch him, because we had one tank empty.

He drove around the block, stopped in front of our RV and filled the 40# tank for me. The cost was a bit high at $28, while we can take the tank into Mercedes and have it filled for only $20.

I was back inside in a few minutes and continued the conversation with Gordon.

After awhile, Gordon left to walk across the grass which separates our sites, and I went to the bedroom to take a nap.

Several hours later I roused myself from the bed and joined Marilyn in the living room.

We worked on the computers, played some games, checked e-mail and the blogs of friends, and just chilled for the remainder of the day.

It was left-over roast and veggies for dinner, and it was still yummy!

As we settle down to watch some TV for the evening, we have noticed that the wind has died down and things are very quiet outside now.

Today was a good day in spite of the wind, and now, we look forward to whatever adventures tomorrow has in store…..

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