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It rained late into the night, but we seemed to survive (despite apparently picking the lowest site on the camp) and today has been hot and sunny, with some cloud and no light wind.

First day that we've not been on the bikes for ages – since the Tongariro Crossing, in fact, which wasn't exactly what you'd call a day off! In fact although we've been chilling out at the beach today, we haven't been completely lazy. We've been in the sea a couple of times – and it's bloody hard work. The beach is sandy and quite shallow, but the waves are really strong, and the back tide too, and the current. In fact I got tossed around like a spare sock in a washing machine. Got a free exfoliation too, courtesy of having my face thrown into the sand and mushed around a bit. No harm done, but a bit scary. It's been good fun though – like a free fair ride.

Nick walked to the supermarket, which is just around the corner, to get some supplies for dinner, and some wine. Really loving this spot. We might only have a couple of weeks left, but a week-long beach holiday is not to be sniffed at.

Finished the last of the last postcards, and hopefully tomorrow will get the journal uploaded at long, long last.

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