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What a night! Has to be the windiest yet. Maybe the windiest ever :o) Our poor tent was really put through it's paces, but seems to have survived to tell the tale. It poured with rain too, and we stayed completely dry.

We've stayed put for another day, as the forecasters tell us that the wind and rain will continue. Actually the weather looks good enough, some sun, some clouds. There've been a few showers, but nothing significant. The wind is up and down too, but the ups are still really strong. Gusty gails they call them.

We've been to the tourist office to check the local forecast again and we think we'll try and make a break for it tomorrow morning. There's supposed to be less rain in the morning (but more wind) then by the afternoon more rain and less wind. Some choice! Still we've learned not to put too much faith in the forecast.

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