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Tonight I am in Gaziantep. It is the last stop in Turkey before we head to Syria. Except for the cold, Turkey has been great. People have been incredibly helpful, kind and patient. Gaziantep is no exception.

My roommate Kiri and I set off to find the Turkish bath we had been told about. I had the name written on a piece of paper and was told vague directions. I kept stopping along the way, saying hello in Turkish (merhaba) and showing the paper. The helpful shop owners mimed the next bit of the walk and we were on our way.

It was early afternoon when we arrived. The bathhouse is open for women during the day and evenings for men. We walked in to the changing room and were told to hang our clothes on hooks. We were uncertain as too just how much clothing should be removed. After quite a bit of miming we figured it out.

Wrapped in long cotton cloths, a motherly Turkish woman led us into a hot marble room with several alcoves. Inside the alcoves were women sitting on wooden in front of taps and big marble collection sinks. They dipped smaller plastic bowls stools and drenched themselves. We followed suit.

A few minutes later the Turkish woman grabbed my hand. I bent over as we walked through a short archway into another hot room. This time she indicated I should lay down on the marble. She then grabbed a loofa and began scrubbing my body. At one point she told me to sit up and proudly showed me the shards of dead skin she'd scrubbed away. I rinsed. I rested on hot stones. It was then time to go.

The scrub was a bit like the Korean Women's Spa in Lakewood, WA. I get to add the Turkish bath to my growing spa resume. Perhaps when I go back to work I can sell myself as some sort of expert in spa services worldwide. As I've traveled the world I've indulged in pedicures, scrubs, and massages on four continents (Australia, Asia, Europe and North America).

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