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I’ve been back in Hawaii for a few days now and let me tell you what an interesting journey it was getting here. I left Nepal a little before midnight on Wednesday, December 3rd. I arrived somewhere in China about 4 hours later and had 5 hours to waste before my next flight. Once FINALLY getting through Chinese customs (just to get to my next gate) I had time to make a couple phone calls and nap for about ½ hour. My next flight headed to Japan. This flight was great because there was practically nobody on it and I was able to take up a whole row to myself and sleep the entire flight.

As we landed in Japan, there was an announcement on board that a Miss Kelly Anne Quinn needed to make her way to the front of the plane. Incase the rest of the passengers weren’t sure who the only white girl was I made my way to the front. This is where I learned that my flight to Hawaii had been cancelled. Had I been in the US I would have thought I was completely screwed and would not be getting home for a couple days at best. Luckily, I was in Japan where efficiency and helpfulness appear to be their specialty. They had a person waiting for me to bring me to another section of the airport, where they not only got me on the next flight out (which was actually earlier than my original flight) but they also gave me an apology letter and a form to fill out so I will receive some sort of compensation for my troubles in the mail.

Either way, I got on the earlier flight and was on my way back to Hawaii and got to time travel in the process. I left Japan around 7pm the night of the 4th and landed in Hawaii 6:30am the morning of the 4th. Crazy date line!! Most of the flight I tried not to let myself think about it to much because I was getting really excited, but really nervous about getting back and seeing David again after so long. He met me right as I came through customs and I got the best hug of my life. It was obvious that we were both pretty nervous, but as I soon found out it was for different reasons.

As we drove home from the airport he told me we had to stop off to pick up his check from work. We headed over by the coast behind Diamond Head where he pulled off at a look out where he said we were meeting his friend to get the check. As we sat on the wall of the overlook he pulled a ring out of his pocket and asked me to marry him. I wasn’t sure if he was kidding or not so I didn’t really respond at first and eventually asked “are you serious?” By this point he was down on one knee and saying he was only going to ask me once more. And of course I said yes, but I was still kind of numb at this point. I called my parents shortly after, but of course they had known what was going on already so it wasn’t much of a surprise to them.

As the Dec. 4th (round 2) went on I got more and more excited about everything and at the same time overwhelmed. It was so much to take in all in one… extra long… day. Flying for however many hours, 4 different countries, coming back to Hawaii and David and a proposal!!! That was a lot to process at once! I think David must have thought I was insane because I was definitely an emotional mess for a bit there.

Once I was back in a more normal state of mind, we took my parents up on their offer to go out to dinner that night to celebrate. David and I went to Kobe’s (sooooo good), had a great meal and came home to toast with a bottle of wine. After about 40 something hours of living the same day I finally went to sleep sometime early in the morning of the 5th.

What a great way to end my trip and return home!! We have no official plans yet, all we know is we are excited for what is ahead and can’t wait to start our lives together.

For those of you that want to know about the ring – I guess you will just have to either wait til I post more pictures or when I see you. (We will be back in NY on the 18th.)

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