Duane & Jo's U.S. and Canada Tour: 2008 travel blog

Our overpriced campsite in Indio, CA.

This US map shows where we have traveled in our RV. We...

We spent 2 nights in the Palm Springs area before heading back to the OC after being gone for 143 days. We passed the time by looking at new home models and were very surprised to see the low prices. In most cases the price had dropped about 1/3 from that they had been not too long ago. This was our most expensive park and it was very disappointing. When we arrived a transformer blew and we spent the first 8 hours without electricity or water. Shortly before we left someone ran into the water main and water was again shut off. In between we heard the constant roar of traffic from the 10 and the rail lines carrying trains across the country. As soon as we get it together we will have a summary of our trip and some of our thoughts on the high and low points.

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