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Today began a bit warmer than yesterday, at 52 degrees, and warmed up to the low 70’s once the clouds gave way to bright sunshine.

We had an early phone call from Jennifer, who was at the airport in St Louis with Steve. The kids were off to a warmer climate for a few days and wanted to say goodbye. We wished them a wonderful time on their second anniversary trip.

Marilyn & I had planned to go over to Mexico where I could see a dentist, and Ted & Sue were going to drive and take us with them.

We were soon across the border and walked down the crowded street to the office of Jorge Mustre, a dentist that our friends had used, and were quite happy with.

When I walked in, the office was quite crowded and I had no appointment so I expected to be asked to return at some future time. I was surprised to be immediately escorted through another door and down the hall to a small cubicle, where I was told that the dentist would see me in a few minutes.

The office was very neat and clean, full of the most modern equipment. The dental assistants were very neat, spoke good English, and seemed very efficient.

It took about one hour total and I was all finished. The cost was $20 and I made an appointment to have a filling done and made an appointment for a friend to have his teeth cleaned and to get a general check up on Jan 22nd.

Ted, Sue and Marilyn were all waiting for me and we decided that it was time for lunch. We headed for the Red Snapper. I was pleased to see a picture on the wall of our softball team, from last year. I checked and sure enough, I am in the picture. :)

After a delicious lunch we all walked south along the main street, then west for a block to a small plaza, where we shopped for a gift for a friend. We were unable to find what we wanted so we headed back toward the bridge and home. We did stop to buy some vanilla and one bottle of an adult beverage before crossing the bridge and driving back to our little home on wheels.

Back at home, we changed into our “comfy” clothes and settled down to watch the Florida / Alabama football game.

Both teams looked good and played very well, with Florida coming out on top.

Marilyn & I finally closed the windows as the night air felt a bit chilly again. We are looking forward to tomorrow and we just can’t wait to see what adventures tomorrow has in store…..

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