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Salmon being thawed

Ed can hardly wait

Juanita ready to add the dry rub

Bodie ready to eat scraps

Ed's plate

Salmon left for Pat to share

Today we were surprised to see that the temperature was 52 degrees when we came downstairs for our morning coffee.

The sky was solid gray overcast, and the breeze was just enough to make it feel colder than the temps indicated.

We were not surprised then to watch the temperature fall slowly, throughout the day, accompanied by a steady drizzle which fell nearly all day long.

Gordon & Juanita had invited us for dinner, to enjoy the salmon he caught in Alaska. Marilyn & I looked forward to the salmon but were not confident that Gordon would want to cook out in this kind of weather.

When we saw Gordon outside we popped out and asked him if he still wanted to have the cook out. “Oh Yeah!” he replied, “I’ve cooked out in a hurricane, so this is nothing!”

I got myself busy making a batch of cheese soup for lunch. We had enough for our own lunch and I took some of it, still piping hot, over to Kit & Jerry’s, for them to share.

Marilyn and I had to make a run to Wal-Mart to pick up her prescription, and from there, we went to Gigi’s for haircuts.

We drove home in the rain, then took showers, washed our hair, and put on clean clothing.

Around a quarter to five, we walked next door to Gordon & Juanita’s RV, where we were greeted, seated, and offered a margarita, accompanied by slices of elk sausage on crackers with cheese. Everything was delicious which boded well for the remainder of the evening.

Juanita prepared the salmon with a dry rub and Gordon stood in the cold night air to grill it. I stood visiting with Gordon while the salmon was grilled to perfection. It smelled good enough when taken off the grill, that it was difficult not to sample it ahead of time.

Juanita prepared some brown rice and Marilyn took a mixture of tomatoes, onions and cucumbers in Italian salad dressing.

The dinner was delicious from beginning to end.

Marilyn & I went back to our place to pick up the dessert she had made earlier. It was very good also and everyone enjoyed the dish made with vanilla pudding, cherry pie filling, whipped cream, and amaretto.

Marilyn & I are back in our own little house on wheels now, watching some TV. We plan to get a great night of sleep and go to Mexico tomorrow.

To our friend, Pat Sullivan, I want to say, “I’m sorry to say that we finished off the salmon tonight”. Perhaps we can find some frozen at Wal-Mart to enjoy when you get here!

I’m only kidding!!

Gordon promises that you will have some of that delicious treat, real soon.

I do have several pictures to share with all of you, so I’ll get busy with that!

Another day has passed, cold and wet, but wonderful when shared with good friends.

Now I just can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store…..

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