X-mass 2008/2009 travel blog

The travel day to Ometepe was quite the event. In the moring we hopped into cabs which took us to the bus station on the other side of Granada. When we got out of the cabs people tried to take our bags from the trunk to throw on the chicken bus to rivas...but we stopped them because we had to wait for the rest of our group(only 4 ppl to a cab ). After evryone got there we hopped onto the bus to Rivas (the port town for the ferry to ometepe). There was a seat in the back of the bus that had been taken out to make for more standing room so I just crammed my self into that corner and hung on to the bar thing between the two windows for support. The bus drivers or the roads maybe are much more agreeable with my stomach here in Nicaragua as compared to in Guatemala where I felt nausous on the chicken buses. In any case it was still crammed and after a while a sorta half sat on the top of the seat infront of me...and had t grab onto the bottom sill to the window farhter infront of me. I got to stick my stinky armpit next to the rude australian couple..right on top of the girls head practically ha ha ha.

They don´t talk to anyone really. Don´t even say hi if you walk right by them on the sideway and say hi to them. The funny thing is that they are moving to vancouver so you would think that they would at least talk to the vancoverite in the group...strange people I must say.

Anyways after we got off the chicken bus we looked up at the roof rack and Helene saw her backpack half hanging off the bus...that was lucky!!!We then hopped into another set of cabs and went to the ferry dock. When we got there we all looked at the water and went oh GOD!!!! there were some pretty massive waves on that lake! so we all took a ton of gravol before we got on it. Turns out the ride was alright once we got into the wind. The ride was about an hour to get across to the island and then we took vans to the hotel.

SO yes it was quite the travel day!!!

FOr dinner I went to a vegetairan - health food hut on the edge of the lake. The food was excellent ...it was sauteed vegies with some great spicies. Home made cheese that melted in the hot vegies and then some rice with seeds in it.

The next day there were a bunch of activites to do but i didn´t sigh up for them..i felt like i needed a vacation from my vacation. So I ended up going for a very long walk with Jane and MAria, and we made it 6km to the closest town called Balgue. There were no restaurants really in the town that had anything worth eating. Choice of ham sandwich or ham sandwich kinda deal. So we we walked up to this one house that had a kinda shop window on the on side of their porch and asked if they made fresh fruit drinks or had any cooked food (they had fresh pinapples on the counter). They didn´t, but then offered to cook us a meal. SO in the end we had an excellent meal of rice and beans, salad and fried plantain. For only 30 cordobas each!!!!!

We then started the 6km walk back to the hotel and stopped at the beach to swim in lake Nicaragua...much less polluted near the island than the main land btw. Had dinner at the hotel and then wake up super early the next morning for another travel day!!!

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