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This has been a really quiet day for us. The only thing we did today was to go out for groceries.

We awoke to a chilly morning, with the indoor temperature of 61 degrees inside, so I turned the fireplace on to take the chill off.

Outdoors, a strong wind was blowing and the temperature was only 51 degrees. I would have felt sorry for myself except that the temperatures our friends and relatives were experiencing were so much colder. :)

Marilyn & I drank our morning coffee while enjoying the fireplace and talking about the weather, and what we needed in the way of groceries, etc.

We braved the cold wind and cloudy skies long enough to go shopping, and returned in about two hours. While we were out, we ran into Ted & Sue and also saw Juanita.

Back at the RV we put groceries away and settled down for a relaxing afternoon.

We wrote our annual Christmas letter on the computer, played computer games, answered e-mails, listened to some music and watched some TV.

The sun finally peeked out and I went for a bike ride around the resort.

Have you ever had one of those lazy days when you accomplished nothing all day? What has happened to the glamour of the full-time RV lifestyle? It is still here?

Have no fear!

The truth is that we all sometimes have a boring day, no matter what our lifestyle.

I can remember many times back when I was flying for a living, that I wished for one of these kinds of days. A day when Marilyn & I could simply be together, with nothing on our agenda, except to bring a few groceries home and just hang out all day.

We were warm and comfortable. We spoke with Jennifer on the phone and heard the voice of our wonderful grandson, Colby.

We have lots of friends around and life is good!

Tomorrow is another day and we have new adventures waiting for us.

Now let’s get on with it and see what tomorrow has in store…..

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