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We really enjoy watching the Amazing Race on TV. For those readers who are not familiar with this show, teams of twosomes race around the world, completing challenging tasks typical of the country they are in. People have told us that we should try to become contestants. But if you pay attention, you will note that couples with gray hair and wrinkles cannot keep up. Occasionally a geezer competes fairly successfully with an adult child to scale the hills and lug the bales of hay or whatever physical task they are assigned. You might think that the wisdom accrued with age would trump the physical concerns, but for the most part they geezers are not more capable than the youngin's either. The only advantage them seem to have is emotional maturity. They are much less likely to go into melt down mode when things aren't going their way.

So we sit there on our couch watching the show, sipping a glass of wine, and laughing at the mistakes the racers make. I'm especially tickled by the linguistically challenged that say "Gracias" to eveyone, whether they are in Moscow or Mumbai. The racers often don't get a good night's sleep and they make sloppy mistakes like leaving their passports in the taxi. "We would never do that," we murmur to ourselves.

Well, today we got to the airport and checked the departure board for flights to Tampa and went to the gate. We always get to the airport nice and early, because we want to give them plenty of time to get our suitcases on the right plane and we're geezers and we just don't need to rush. But it came time to board our plane and there was no plane at our gate. So I checked the board again and noticed that there were two flights to Tampa. We were waiting at the wrong gate. We ran the whole way down concourse B and up concourse A, but the door was already closed. The plane was still there, but they were no longer allowing passengers to board. Boy, did we feel dumb.

But things are not busy this time of year and we got on a flight that left an hour later. We had a brief stop in Birmingham AL which added to the flight time, but when we finally arrived in warm and sunny Tampa, our suitcases were sitting next to the baggage carousel having arrived on the original flight and all was well with the world once again. Just not all that amazing.

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