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The group gathers for a fun day in Mexico

Jerry & Kit go through the turnstiles

We found a lizard shedding his skin

The gang in Mexico

Heinz & Irene enjoying a fun day together

Inside one of the stores

Wares on display

Kit at the Red Snapper

Jerry deciding what to order

Heinz & Carl


Irene & Heinz


We had live music

Inside the Red Snapper

Our group enjoying lunch

One of the murals

Carl ordered the Mexican Plate

Marilyn had garlic shrimp

Ed enjoyed fried shrimp

A Stop to Shop

One of the shops

This morning we realized that we could have slept with the windows open once again last night. We had slept well but had the windows closed all night.

We had our morning coffee indoors but opened the door and the windows to allow the steady breeze to make us quite comfortable. Marilyn wasn’t feeling very well. She has had sinus problems for quite a long time. We hoped to get some medicine which will help her, while we are over in Mexico today.

We had decided to leave the resort at 9:30 AM for our trip across the border. Kit & Jerry rode with Marilyn & I while Gordon and Carl rode with Heinz & Irene. Linda’s back was bothering her and Juanita was puppy-sitting with Bodie, so they didn’t go along.

Ted & Sue had been to Progreso, Mexico several times in the past few days, so they chose not to go today.

We parked in a parking lot on the USA side at a cost of $2.00 for the day. We walked across the bridge after putting 25 cents in the turnstiles, and strolled the streets of Progreso.

We shopped at a few places, but made no purchases until after lunch. We gradually made our way south until we reached “The Red Snapper” restaurant.

We were immediately seated at a table for eight people. Cold drinks followed, with chips and salsa. Our meals were delicious and accompanied by animated conversation and much laughter. I should mention that the live music was quite good and we sure enjoyed singing along to the songs we knew.

After this really good meal, we crossed the street and walked back north, stopping often to look at something or to make a small purchase.

Marilyn & I found some medicine for her, and bought some pure vanilla, before crossing the bridge back to the USA.

Back at our RV, Marilyn took some medicine and spent much of the rest of the day in her recliner or dozing in bed.

I changed into my PJ’s and chilled for the rest of the afternoon. We watched some movies, ate whatever we could find that was easy to fix, and relaxed.

We do have some pictures for you, so I will post them. I must mention that we have thought of our friends, Gilbert & Louise many times since arriving here at Llano Grande. Gilbert & Louise were such an important part of our previous winters here. They added so much joy to our group of good friends. We hope that they will be here with us next winter. In the meantime, we will post pictures of our activities so that Gilbert & Louise, along with all of you good people who read this journal, may see how we spend our time, and what a joy the full-time RV lifestyle can be.

So, another day comes to a close, and we just can’t wait to see what adventures tomorrow has in store…..

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