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Kathleen and I have had many eye opening and interesting experiences along the way. Here is a list of some of the main things we have learned.


• Sometimes it’s easier to just go with the flow than try to figure out what

is actually going on

• Plan or no plan – things will never go how you anticipated

• Much is lost in translation

• Just because it’s on the map doesn’t mean that it exists

• Time and distance are all relative to whatever country you are in

• Prices are never set – always start with 1/3 of the asking price

• Tea is a universal language

• Even the simplest, most safe food you can think to order will most likely not be

what you expected (ex. Many extreme variations of grilled cheese – some un-


• No matter how poor you are or how remote your village is, you will always have a

cell phone

• Tape worms are NOT a good diet

• If you don’t know how to do something – Maria will be able to figure it out!

• You know what is for dinner by the sound of what you hear dying in the kitchen

• Chickens are not the only animals that wake you up in the morning – cicadas and

elephants are just as loud, if not louder

• Bob Marley, The Eagles, The Beatles and (unfortunately) John Denver can be heard

in any part of the world

• Electricity and/or hot water are not to be taken for granted

• Squat toilets are often better than the regular kind

• Always steal toilet paper whenever possible – you don’t know where or when you

will find it again

• Never touch someone’s left hand (see above regarding toilet paper)


• Do not pay attention while riding in any vehicle – it’s better to not know what

is coming

• Painted lines (if there are any) are merely suggestions for where you should

drive – 3 “lanes” = room for 5-6 cars across

• All forms of transportation share the same road – it doesn’t matter if it’s a

highway, a donkey cart will be on it

• Always look both ways before crossing the road – and not just for automobiles.

This applies to motorbikes, pedal bikes, trams, tuk-tuk, sheep, cows, donkey

(alone or with pull cart), horse (also w/ or w/out cart), camel, elephant, etc.

• Pedestrians do NOT have the right of way

• Paved roads are a luxury – I will never complain about a pothole again!

• Horns and tapping on the side of the car are forms of communication

• The roof is not just the top of the car – it provides a place for luggage, extra

seating and a place for goats

• There are no traffic laws

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