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We decided to attend the Winnebago and Itasca Travelers (WIT) Rally in Rickreal. We were expecting to get a lot of tips about things that go wrong with Winnebago coaches, and how to deal with them. And maybe make some friends to go RVing with. The Rally was not exactly what we expected. While we are not exactly 'young', the average age of those attending made us feel that way. And since they all seemed to have their own cliques, we did not feel particularly welcome, even though they were extremely nice.

We did, however; meet some very nice people from Sacramento. She writes history books, and had just completed one on Oregon for the 150 year anniversary of statehood. "Oregon 1859 - A Snapshot in Time" by Janice Marschner (Amazon). She and her husband use their RV to travel around the states, she doing book research, while he plays golf. They were a fun couple, and very interesting.

To try to get us involved in their group, they invited us to help serve one of the meals. Cal was the last server in the buffet line, ladeling gravy. The challege was to get the gravy onto the onto the shaking and quivering plates (about 1 in 4). But that is not fair. They were nice, and gracious people, and before long, we will be 2 of those quivering.

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