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Tuesday, Nov. 25

Today we got to sleep in a bit before starting our day hike up the mountain to where we would be staying the night. The hike was nice and took us through a bunch of little villages and nice mountain over looks. The peaks of the snow capped mountains could be seen in the distance. It was funny to think that even though we were hiking in what we would normally consider huge mountains, the people of Nepal consider them hills. Only the very biggest peaks get named. Along the way we came across a small snake and a bunch of water buffalo, which people use more like cows here since cows are a sacred animal.

Everyday in Nepal the power goes out for a few hours to conserve energy. It depends where you are for the time that it goes out, but it always seems to make things interesting. That night we met a bunch of other travelers from China, Japan and some other places. We ate dinner by candle light and had a few Everest beers - which always seem to explode when opened!

Wednesday, Nov. 26

Again we got to sleep in a bit before waking up to jump off the mountain back to where we started the day before. Once we got to the paragliding place we had to wait a few hours for the wind conditions to be right. Once the winds picked up it was only a matter of minutes before they had me running of the side of the cliff. I dont think I even had a change to get nervous! It was soooooooo much fun (Kathleen doesn't quite share the same opinion as I do). From the air you got a beautiful view of the whole valley, the lake, snowy peaks in the back... it was awesome! Some of the paragliding companies have eagles, hawks and vultures that they have rescued that they have fly with them, so the birds were flying all around as well. My person and Kathleen's person kept playing around with each other while we were in the air. I did get a little nervous when they kept making our parachutes hit together, I was worried the wires were going to tangle. They also kept collapsing the chute so you would fall for a bit before opening it up again. The funnest part (in my opinion) was spiraling down over the water before we landed. I wanted to go again!

Once we landed we had to wait for our guide to pick us up and bring us back to the hotel. While we waited I had a grilled cheese (actually grilled this time!) and a soda, while Kathleen waited for her nausea to pass.

Later on that day our guide took us around Pokhara to see some of the sights. We went to a waterfall that flows into a deep cave, which we were told gets completely flooded during the monsoon season. There were also Hindu temples around the area too. We went to bed early that night since we had to get up pretty early the next morning to catch our bus to Chitwan.

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