Duane & Jo's U.S. and Canada Tour: 2008 travel blog

City of Rocks with RVs in the foreground.

Our campsite.

Wonderful campsites without electricity were set amongst the rock formations.


Two windmills pumped groundwater for park use.

The air was clean and fresth. Lots of contrails from jets flying...

An ocotillo.

Rock City

A "street" in Rock City.

Most of the rock structures were quite tall.

Kids of all ages were climbing on the rocks.

How does it stay like that?

Rock balancing act.


Duane couldn't resist climbing a couple of them.

The Rabbit.

Sunset was beautiful from the Observation Point.

Sunrise from our campsite.

We had a very nice stay in City of Rocks State Park. We didn't go anywhere outside the park, and that is a first for us on this trip. (The park itself is in the middle of nowhere in western NM.) The "rock city" was formed when rock was pushed out during a volcanic event. When it cooled it formed vertical fissures. Over time, wind and sand eroded the fissures leaving large rock formation standing like buildings. Eventually, these rocks will be reduced to the sand that surrounds the area and the interesting outcroppings will disappear. There is no urban light pollution in this area so the night sky was magnificent. We were there on moonless nights and the milky way and billions of stars could be seen. The state park has an observatory that is run by volunteers, it is open one night a month. Sadly, we missed it by one night. This is a must see place for anyone interested in earth sciences.

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