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So, We have moved from prague and are now in the lovely town of Vienna, Austria. My final impression of Prague (this is only my own impression, I think Jared disagrees with me) was that Prague was very pretty but I was glad to leave. I thought that the town got old pretty quickly and I was definitely annoyed with the millions of tourists that were there (I know, we were part of the problem as well). The last memory of Prague that I will have is waking up at 5:15 to get to the 6:30 train, and missing the train because they decided to close down the metro stop that goes to the train station. We ended getting to the train station about 2 minutes too late, and had to wait for 4 hours to catch the next train to Vienna. As a side note, the train station in prague is not one of the cleanist, safist nor friendlyist train stations we've been to thus far...

But we made it to Vienna eventually, which was definitely welcomed on my part. So far our stay in Vienna has been really nice. We got in yesterday afternoon, and headed out onto the town to check out the sites that we could easily wonder around on a Sunday afternoon. Today, we spent the vast majority of the day on a Winery Tour of the Wachau valley which is known for it's white wines. The tour had everything: hiking, biking, walking, wines (of course) and even a trip down the beautiful Danube. I really enjoyed the tour a lot, and would highly recommend it to anyone who heads this way. Tomorrow, we are going to do a more organized self tour of Vienna, and hopefully catch all of the major sites. We are also planning on going to an Opera tomorrow with a little luck.

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