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Sidesaddle on the back of a bicycle.

Adam this is for you. (Adam cuts our hair back home).

Three on a moped. Notice some people in India wear "western" clothes.

Buying breakfast.

The girls' school in Delwara.

Our group visits the school.

We waited for the assembly to finish before entering.

The 10th grade.

The principal and a teacher.

We were serenaded by the class. Be sure to view the video...

Pink blossoms.

We walked through Delwara. The people were doing their daily things.

Here thay are fixing a bicycle.

Morning shave.


More cows.

Stitching a garment.

A big bag of hot peppers.

Much is transported on their heads.

An interesting building.

A green door. The town of Delwara seemed to be a cut...

All ready for a haircut.

We lunched at an elegant hotel.

This spiked door was not hospitable. It is part of the structure...

Lunch - a "prix fixe" Indian repast.

Part of the hotel.

On the long 6 hour drive to Pushkar. A RR crossing.

There was a long stretch of barren countryside.

There were towns along the way and villagers walked the roads.

Here the cows are in the fields and near watering holes.

There was a stretch that ran for many miles lined with marble...

Here marble was trucked in from the hills (causing many slowdowns for...

Camel power.

This is marble dust from the sawing operations. It was piled along...

As we neared Pushkar, the land became less arid and farming abounded....

The "Orchard" - our hotel for two nights in Pushkar. It consisted...

Our tent.

Inside the spacious, air conditioned tent with a bathroom.

Turn down service with rose petals.

They supplied snuggy bathrobes. Anne talks with Linda.

The restaurant was a tent!

All food was done via buffet. It was vegeterian and no alcohol...

Our host

Back on the farm and the tents. Audrey - does this give...

The land was irrigated from a series of canals fed by a...

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The girls sang a national song for us.

After a good American breakfast, we left Udaipur by bus and drove for an hour to the village of Delwara. Our walk took us through the town, stopping at various shops for D.P. to explain what they were doing - making snacks to sell, repairing bicycles, cutting hair, selling fresh vegetables, etc. There were no beggars or hawkers, which was a delight. We visited a girls' high school, and spent time with grade 10. Tom was in his element - he drew a map on the chalkboard and showed where we lived and our air route to India. They speak good English, of course, and grade 10 is a critical year, as there is an examination which determines their future education. It is very competitive. After a walk of about an hour and a half, we had lunch at an elegant hotel & resort there, up on a hill.

The ensuing journey by bus from Delwara to Pushkar turned out to be extremely long, especially after dark when traffic was slower and truck convey traffic heavier. Pushkar is having its annual camel fair right now, so there were camps of people along the road with campfires, and lots of activity - very exciting!

Finally, after six long hours, we arrived, had to buy tickets just to enter Pushkar because of the fair, and found our destination, The Orchard. You will just have to see the pictures to appreciate this wonderful place. It is an elegant tent village - and these are four room tents with an indoor bathroom and shower. In the main part of the tent, the "living room" is in the center as you walk in, to the right beyond a gauzy curtain is a desk and luggage area, while to the left is the bedroom, also behind a gauzy curtain, is a king size bed with an electric blanket. The tent can be air-conditioned too, as the days are hot (90+), but the nights are cold (60's) - this is an arid land here. They provided quilted warm robes, and Tom yelped when he stuck his leg in bed, as he thought there was a cat under the covers, but it was a towel-wrapped hot-water bottle - very cozy. Since the city and fair noises are not too far away, they also provide earplugs on the nightstand!

We had a late supper, Indian but delicious, and also vegetarian, since no meat or alcohol is allowed in Pushkar. Our host is a Sikh (with a turban), and is delightful. It was a wonderful day, and we slept well - we could not sleep even on the long bus ride - too many fascinating things and people to see!

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