USA Tour ,and on, with Steve, Shirley, and Frances 2008 travel blog

We are now back in the USA, in Bertram, Texas, spending Shabbat with our good friends Rick and Theresa Bates. We moved our motorhome to their place on Friday which may end up as its final resting place. We are not sure how it will play out but Rick and Theresa can use it as a "guest suite" as long as it is here. The truck that met us and towed it for us had a beutiful airbrushed scene painted on it about the story of Daniel in the lion's den. Somehow, this seemed to be a fitting end to our experience with the motorhome in that we really can testify that what looked like failure and defeat was turned into victory and completion.

This Shabbat, we spent quietly reading through the Parasha on the life and death of Sarah and purchase of the field in Hevron by Abraham. We noted that this Biblically recorded deed of ownership of this field, bought and paid for by Abraham now is one of the hotly contested areas in the Land of Israel. The other two areas that are recorded as bought and paid for are the Temple Mount which was the threshing floor of Ornan that David bought for 600 pieces of Silver and the Field of Jacob in Shechem by Mount Gerazim, the mountain of the blessings, which he paid 100 pieces of silver for. Each of these areas are under dispute as to who rightfully belongs there. We are seeing the ratcheting up of pressure on Israel to retreat to pre 1967 borders and achieve the "peace" that the world community demands, but we see from our recent trip to Israel, that this ellusive "peace" will never be accomplished because the PA has always been forthright with their ultimate objective--to march Israel and every Jew into the Mediterranean Sea. The flag of the PA has no Israel on it. It is 100% PA territory.

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