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Today we drove and drove and drove. Florian and I can both be pretty OCD at times. This time, though, I had us booked into a campsite in Newport, TN, just past Knoxville.

Before taking off, we thought that we could find a nice park for Livi to play in, but it was raining so we decided to try a McDonald’s indoor playground. We were all too grossed out to play there. So we went back into the motor home, sanitized our hands, and went in search of a playground. The first playground we found was too sketchy so we went for the next one where they were doing dirt work and construction. This was it! Lunch rock and play area for Livi! We spent an hour or so fooling around, ate some grocery store hot chicken with some leftover sauce from the Shepard’s Pie from last night and then took off.

We ended up going about 200 plus miles and with the cross over to the Eastern Time Zone, arriving in Newport, TN around 8 PM. The only thing to report was that we fell into bed after dinner and slept late!

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