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Banana Salesperson- Mekong Floating Market


Mekong Delta Floating Market

Update on the scooter situation - each and every citizen of Vietnam owns a motor scooter and they are in fact all riding them at the same time!

Spent a few days in the Mekong Delta. Thought it would be hotter and there would be more mosquitoes. Definitely hot, but fewer bites than in Saigon! Enjoyed traveling by boat up tiny canals and seeing life on the river. The sad part of this was witnessing the lack of education/respect/choice when it comes to the water. We saw the river used to wash laundry, food, people, a food source via fishing, etc. Highlighted why access to clean water is such a key issue in the developing world.

Stayed overnight in Can Tho - a busy town with a giant Ho Chi Minh statue in the main square. Good local beer and finally a hotel with an elevator (it's been usual for us to hike up 4-5 flights to get to our room). The floating markets were very cool as people would hoist whatever they were selling on a stick above their boats to signal what was available that day. Tasted some of the best shrimp and pineapple on this trip!

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