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Sailing past Greek islands on our way to Turkey

Killing time on Siros, waiting for the night boat

John with his pigeon friends

Making new (doggie) friends on Siros

Hiking the hills on Siros

The harbor in Siros

Meeting a great Canadian couple biking around the world, waiting with us...

Goodbye Greece


I hope to enjoy Turkey; and I expect to.

Though I’ve never been before, I’ve heard very good tales from friends about their experiences. These tales, consistent over the past twenty-five years, lead me to expect a country “a lot like Greece but a bit more exotic” in the words of a friend of mine.

It’s easy for me to recall just a month ago when we entered Greece and I didn’t know the first thing about any of the islands; not their names, their history, or how they are the same and how they’re different.

I feel that way about Turkey now. Istanbul and Ephesus, plus someplace where there are white-rock hot springs sums up my understanding of the places. That it’s a democratic Muslim state – the only in the world I think – I also know. Some important “Ottoman” people lived there. I know this from reading about Greek history and all the damage and pain the Ottoman Empire caused the Greeks.

I hope we stay warm enough during our month in Turkey. This surprises me because I’ve always imagined Turkey as a hot place (at least the Mediterranean west side). But our recent experiences in southern Greece where it’s been more cold than hot, coupled with the fact that we’ll mostly be more north in Turkey, makes me concerned. I’m committed to buying the family coats if things don’t warm up mighty soon. You may actually see me in some other outfit beside the two that I brought on this trip!


What am I most looking forward to in Turkey? The hot springs!

I think the name of it starts with a P. There are supposed to be a bunch of hot spring pools on the side of a mountain and there might even be some ruins at the bottom of the pool that you can go swim down and touch. From the pictures I have seen they look really pretty and fun! I can’t wait to go there.

I am also looking forward to shopping. It might be cold in Turkey so I would need to buy a coat. Also I need more bottoms. I really want a white skirt but I don’t think I will buy one there because girls are supposed to be very covered up.

Getting to Turkey will be a nightmare (boat rides that go into the night). But hopefully Turkey will be fun!


I am really looking forward to Turkey. I have no idea what it will be like but I guess it will be a very dirt and crappy place. I really can’t write any more because I don’t know much but I can say that I think it will be fun.

Kathy is taking ‘vacation’ and not writing in this entry.

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