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A poster for a Bollywood Movie. The formula for these movies is...

India produces more movies than the rest of the world. Here is...

Our group arrives to tour the Maharani's City Palace.

A guard at the gate.

Part of the palace.

Glass decorations.

Stunning in the bright morning sunlight.

They made their own sun (in case it rained).

A view of the city of Udaipur from the palace.

Inside the walls.

Such detail!

We went inside and saw amazing detail.

A domed ceiling.


Miniature paintings. The detail is miniature the painting is huge.

Belgium mirrors.

A crippled Maharani.

They had a cage for leopards also.

Another view of Udaipur.

The lake palace.

A silver shop.

Selecting treasures.

We walked in town.

There were vendors all over the place.

And of course cows.

This one is for Greg (our son who works for HP).


We selected our own miniature paintings.

An intricate carving - not yet complete - but with many years...

A monkey on the fence.

Here are some faces of India.

Stringing flowers.

Most women wore a sari.

People walk or ride bicycles.

A young mother.

Anne examines an exquisite cover.

Anne's wrap.

Back on the street.

A place to buy warm garments.

The "ladies' garden" where water streams to cool.

This setting is often used in Bollywood movies as part of the...

Of course elephants squirt the water.

The clothing is so colorful.

After lunch we rode in a boat on the lake.

A view of the City Palace from the lake. The water is...

Bathing in the lake.

An elegant boat.

A boat landing. This provides a point of transportation to the lake...

The lake palace. This and other parts of the lake were used...

We did have a good night's sleep, and felt more relaxed, and today proved to be a very enjoyable day. Because of highway construction, the afternoon long drive for lunch and a temple, and then back again was scrapped, and the group was relieved - it made the day seem far more enjoyable to anticipate. We had already decided to return to the hotel after the activities in town and skip the afternoon!

At 9:00, we drove into Udaipur and started at the Maharani's City Palace. He has no real power anymore, but is quite wealthy and owns a lot of the lake area and beyond. In fact, he lives in this palace, but opens a large part of it to the public as a museum. It was an ongoing series of stairs, mostly up, but some down, with low doorways. These low doorways were not because people were short, but for security. Anyone entering had to duck to go through it, providing someone on the inside to chop off the bowed head. The palace was built with many fountains and pools for a sense of coolness, and was filled with what are called miniature paintings. These are not small, but are painted with a very fine brush, supposedly equivalent to one hair. If you look closely, or with a magnifying glass, you can see detail that is almost unbelievable. There were many tourists, and quite crowded. D.P gave is a great tour, and after one and a half hours, we were all exhausted from all those steps and standing looking at things. We stopped for coffee or beer and a restroom that was in a building marked "Personal Bodyguard".

From there, we continued walking in town, stopping at a silver shop that D.P knew was reputable, and then a gallery/studio of miniature paintings for sale, as well as sandalwood carvings. This was followed by a visit to a shop that sold pashima and cashmere and amazingly embroidered things, including bed coverlets. Really nice and expensive quality.

Lunch followed (another delicious chicken sandwich, and then a boat ride on the lake where the James Bond movie "Octopussy" was filmed in the lake island palaces. Back to the hotel for some rest and a delicious dinner on our own This was a great day.

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