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Ballast Bricks

Coral Blocks - Nelson's Dockyard

Warehouse Wall - Nelson's Dockyard

Copper & Lumber Store Inn - Nelson's Dockyard

Admiral's Inn - Nelson's Dockyard

Coral Blocks - Annaberg Plantation, St John, USVI

Annaberg Plantation wall

Annaberg Plantation

Annaberg Plantation - Wall & Vegetation

Annaberg Plantation - Remains of sugar cane processing facility

Charlotte Amalie - Warehouse district

Charlotte Amalie - Warehouse District

Fern and coral

Down the 99 steps, Charlotte Amalie

Up the 99 Steps - Charlotte Amalie, USVI

Unlike Robert Frost, something about me likes a wall.

In 1971 I met an English professor in Macau whose hobby was photographing doors. At the time I thought Geoffrey was a tad eccentric. Look who’s talking now.

The Caribbean has a plethora of great walls and walkways - complex textures composed of bricks which had been used as ballast on 17th century voyages from Europe mixed with sea-bred coral blocks and bound with a local cement using molasses and straw. Add a few hundred years of weathering, a touch of local vegetation, and you get a mural worthy of display in a fine museum.

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