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Kuta Beach

Tiny surfer...I think Elton John wrote a song about him??

What's that big white thing coming towards me....oh it's Austen with a...

Austen's scared off all the waves

Commmmme on I know you're out there waves!


Keep going Ozz!

Time to go home!

Funilly enough I declined when Ozz mentioned Dreamland to day and I suggested we just head down to Kuta beach instead, which we did.

I sat and had a bit of sun time and ozz hit the waves....I will let Ozz write the next bit.....

The surf was crud. I am too big and too crap to be able to surf/enjoy 1 ft waves that come along every 5 minutes!!!

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen!

We went back to ranch and decided that Ozz should go try and find Dreamland again as he was pretty frustrated with the surf on Kuta.

So off he went....I decided to have a bit of me time by the pool.


Ok so I got topped up with scooter fuel (good job as it turned out!) and headed on the only road left that we hadn't tried out of Kuta.

I got pulled over by the filth about 20 minutes into the journey as he said that I went through a red light (which I didn't). I haggled him down from 200k (GBP 12.00) rupiah to 100k rupiah (GBP 6.00), but seeing as if I didn't pay that he would have wanted to see my licence (which I don't have!) I was quite happy paying that.

So back on the road I finally found the direction that I needed to head in, and about an hour later finally found a beach, in the middle of frickin nowhere!! Ok no it wasn't Dreamland, but it was the one next to it. It was quite remote and hardly anyone was there, there did seem to be a tiny bit of surf about 400 metres out to sea but there were no boards to hire so it was a non-starter for me unfortunately.

I left here after about 20 minutes and then planned to just head back to Kuta however as I was driving out of this beach I met a Dutch chap called Albert who had just been given directions to Dreamland so we both headed off there.

We finally made it, and guess what..............the sea was completely flat here too!!!

It was quite a nice little beach in a cove and was actually quite busy, but no surfing for us here either :(.

Me and Albert had a drink on the beach (non alcoholic I may add!) and then left just before it started to rain.

Actually we timed it perfectly to catch every bit of rain on the way home, so arriving back at the hotel it may have looked like I had been surfing, however I was simply wet from the drive home!

I told Em the story and we both laughed like at the end of Thundercats.

Schnarf Schnarf.

Theeeeeeee end.


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