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The Queen of Belgium was at our hotel - thus the high...

The Qutab Mineraret.

There is no cement used in constructing this.

It towers above the land.

Parrots in the buildings.

Election returns direct from California!

The flower market.

This is where the wholesale flowers are sold.


There were many vendors.

Carole strings a garland.

A mass of roses.

Udaipur airport.

Back on our bus.

There was a lot of industry in this area. This is a...

We enter our new hotel - the luxurious (voted best hotel in...

Our room.

A bathroom with a view.

The buildings are all marble.

This is a courtyard.

Pools cascade

The bottom end of the pools

A huge swimming pool outside our room.

Towers were all over the structure.

We walked to the home where dinner was being prepared.

A cow along the way.

On a terrace of the home

The philosophy of Indian food was explained.

Of course, spices are essential.

A critical step.

Back to the hotel and the candle room.

Sunset and a good night of sleep.

Today we could finally find out the results of the U.S. election, and even then not until 11:00 AM when I called my friend Linda in California on my cell phone and got the news that Obama easily won the election. We were surprisingly wound up about it, and relaxed considerably after we had the news.

That morning, we went to see a famous minaret. We next walked in the flower market where people were selling fresh flowers, and making them into garlands and other arrangement.

The next stop was the airport - yuck, any airport is. D.P checked us and our luggage in for us, a nice treat, and then we had a mediocre lunch at the airport, and finally boarded our late plane for Udaipur.

After touching down in Udaipur, southwest of New Delhi, we had about a half-hour drive to our very elegant hotel, the Udiavillas, on a lake. There was a very short break, and then we drove and walked to a home and B&B run by an interesting couple. We were exhausted, but had to tour the little Hindu temple outside and then had drinks before having a cooking class on the philosophy of Indian cooking and a demonstration in the kitchen. By the time we ate, it was about 8:30 and the food was a bit too spicy for us. After a tour of the B&B, we finally had a bit of a walk in the dark to our bus and then back to hotel. This was way too long a day for us!

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