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At the western wall

On the Temple Mount

Ezekiel 11

Closest to the Most Holy Place

The scales over Jerusalem

Ancient tabernacle site in Shiloh

Erev Shabbat sunset over Jerusalem

Frances, Steve, Shirley, Eddie on Mt. Gerizim

Steve & Eddie blowing the shofar's over Shechem

Standing in the vineyards on the Mount of Blessing!

The past several days have been remarkable to say the least. We came to Israel to finish the proclamation that we have been giving around the states and Washington DC. We had not included Alaska or Hawaii and were not sure why until we got here. Washington DC was the 49th proclamation and here in Israel, on Temple Mount, we gave the 50th proclamation. 50 is the number of Jubilee! The restoration of all things. We came to Israel only with the idea that we needed to give the proclamation in Jerusalem, but we did not yet know the details. As we arrived here, YHVH began to open up opportunities that we could never have imagined. Rene Swann invited us to stay with her in an appartment that had a balcony that overlooked the Temple Mount and Old City where we could pray and seek direction. We were aslo joined by Eddie Chumney here and he saw the prophetic importance of what we had been doing with the proclamations and joined in enthusiasticly, adding much understanding from the scriptures. An opportunity opened up through one of Eddie's friends, on Thursday, Nov. 13 for us to go up on the Temple Mount with Rabbi Richman who is the director of The Temple Institute here in Jerusalem. He cautioned us not to pray or act like we were worshipping in any way unless he told us we had a clear time to do so. As the morning unfolded, we had several opportunities to do so and one of the opportunities was at the East Gate. We were able to read Ezekiel 11 at the East Gate which added to the significance. We also had a small set of scales with us and were able to bring them out for the Daniel 5 portion of the proclamation. As we read Ezekiel 11 with the scales displayed, we sensed a breaking in the heavenlies and a release of something we do not yet fully understand or realize. We can only say that what ever your personal chains and bondages are that you have been interceding for, watch what YHVH does in those situations now. It is a time of breakthrough and restoration. Rabbi Richman gave us an understanding on where the place of the "between the porch and the Altar" was and explained the significance of that place as the rabbis understand it. They believe that this very spot of land is where Adam was created from and that it is where he will be redeemed from. That is why we believe that we were to deliver the 50th (Jubilee) proclamation at that spot. We did not know this as we planned it, it only became evident to us after we obeyed and performed it. As we left the area near what is understood to be the true Western Wall of the Temple, we walked backward off of the plaza area out the gates. As we completed this act of respect for the place YHVH chose to place His name, Rabbi Richman said,"I can't believe they let us do that." He confirmed that we were shown great favor on this occassion: YHVH be praised!

We were not able to blow the shofars on Temple Mount so we began to seek YHVH about where that should take place. Over the course of the next few days and Shabbat, we came to understand that we were to go up to the Mountains of Israel, to Mount Gerazim, the Mount of Blessing, and read the proclamation and blow the shofars. An opportunity opened up to go visit a vineyard owner whose vineyard is actually on Mount Gerazim (where the Waller family goes to work the vineyards)and Nir took us to a place where we stood directly over the very spot of land that Jacob purchased with a Deed near Shechem. We also read Ezekiel 37 here and in that passage, it talks about the return to the "land of Jacob". This land that now is under Arab/Mouslim control is to be our inheritance!

Eddie explained what he believed to be the significance of what we had done. We had proclaimed the restoration of all things on Temple Mount. That had been performed after the preparation of giving a warning to all the captives in Babylon and the call with the shofars to return to The Land. The warnig that severe judgement is coming The final Shofar blast and proclamation from Ezekiel 37 declared the returning and the posession of the original "Land of Jacob". All of these prophetic acts were announcing and releasing what YHVH is about to do in these days (the Day of YHVH). The heavenly proclamation must be made before the natural events begin to unfold. Now that the heavenly or spiritual application has been accomplished, the natural is soon to come.

Friends and family, we believe that the final events will begin to unfold very soon now. The end of Ezekiel 11 says that he went back to those in exile and told them what he had seen. We believe that we are to do the same thing. If you would like us to come and explain what we see and what we believe has been released through our last 3 months of traveling, we would be glad to come and speak to your group or family or church or assembly, wherever YHVH wants us to go. There is not much time for preparation now. It is time for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear to cut themselves from the webs of Babylon and its systems and prepare to return to the land of their inheritance. We can only prepare now, but we must be prepared, for the window of opportunity to be released from Babylon and return to the land will be very small. We do not just drop our lives here in exile and wait. No, we "occupy until he comes" as I was reminded by my good friend Kelly Ferrari. But in that occupying, we carefully decern what events are going on around us and have everything in readiness so we can walk out the door when it is time.

We will write more later, but for now, know that we love you and look forward to bringing back a good report of hope (hatikva) and a future.

Shalom-- Steve, Shirley and Frances

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