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Lv 11 am arr in Kangra 3 pm go to Hotel Maurya ck in & go to Brajeshwari Devi Temple, one of the famous temples marking the sites where body parts from Shiva's first wife, Sati, fell after the goddess was consumed by flames...this temple marks the final resting place of Sati's left breast! The impressiveness of it comes from the stairway/street which leads up hill to the temple itself...completely lined w/ booths on both sides, this narrow street has seller's plying every kind of temple puja(offering) imaginable to be blessed. Mari is thoroughly into this, Bon is curious, and I am just dumbfounded(I do not enter the temple, but just watch the scene unfold outside). Before we return to the main street and Hotel Royal where I have a good tali in their restaurant, we hail an autorickshaw to check out the train situation...some distance, across a river/bridge where he lets us out & we hike another half a km on a winding path to the depot(no roads lead to it, only walking paths!).

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