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Yesterday was the day we would finish up the “get ready to move” chores and celebrate an early Christmas with Jennifer, Steve and Colby.

After our morning coffee, Marilyn was busy cooking. She fixed her “Pasta in a Pot” recipe and baked a Pineapple Upside Down Cake. Everything looked yummy!

I called the DISH network to ask that our service be placed on “Pause”. It took more than 30 minutes of listening to recordings of special offers, and the computer giving me menu options, none of which I wanted or needed. Grrrrrr……

Finally, a young lady answered and promptly informed me that her computer had just frozen up. Her mouse wouldn’t even work. I finally asked her to simply write down my request and take care of it when her computer was working again. Grrrrrr…….

I dumped the holding tanks, then stored the sewer hose and connections. I took the DISH antenna down and loaded it into the back of the truck with Marilyn’s bike, the tripod stabilizer, steps, ladder and a welcome mat.

Later I disconnected the city water connection and stored the hose for that.

I made sure that Jeff had a key for our Dodge Caravan which we are leaving here.

Marilyn & I said goodbye to everyone at the Cave, loaded gifts and food into the Van, and drove to the farm in Palmyra, where the kids live.

We played with Colby for a little bit and then sat down to a nice meal. After the table was cleared we opened gifts. Of course, Colby was the main attraction and he enjoyed all of it, the wrappings, the bows and the gifts alike. :)

Marilyn & I enjoyed some very nice gifts.

We returned to town about 6:00 PM and finished loading the truck.

We are all set and should be ready to leave between 7:00 and 8:00 AM. Marilyn has the coffee ready to start simply by pushing a button.

We’ll be driving south, through St Louis, and south on I-55 to Sikeston, MO. We will be meeting up with Carl & Linda and will travel the Natchez Trace together on the way to the Rio Grande Valley.

Yesterday was a very good day and we absolutely look forward to whatever this day has in store…..

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