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Ah, cooperation for a change!

blooming at Bruno's


An empty spot beside Diamond Lil after the catamaran beside us was...

Happy Hour crowd at Bruno's





Rio Dulce

Dispensa Familia, modern grocery store owned by, believe it or not..... WALMART

Our post office, which I've only seen open twice in all our...

Heading for Texan Bay for Thanksgiving


Robalo, I think?


John returning from a shopping trip to Fronteras in the TB launcha

Construction behind us


Weather cool enough to want a blanket



Thanksgiving at Texas Bay






Little Mikey


Good use of an old tire

Skyping home to wish a Happy Thanksgiving

The Captain and I taking a post Thanksgiving dinner spin in the...

Sunset on the Rio, buenas noches amigos!

Glancing out from our anchorage in Texan Bay, I notice yet another boat heading out, leaving the Rio that is. It's that time of year. Talk everywhere is of departure. Hurricane season is officially over Dec 1st but for the past few weeks slips have been emptying out and cruisers have saying goodbye to their Rio friends. People seem to hang on the hook for a while before leaving, readjusting to a life severed from shore. Many are headed to nearby places like Belize or the Bay Islands. Some are heading back to the States, south to Panama or down into the Caribbean Islands.

Our current plan is to stay here until after the New Year but boat plans are about as firm as the ground we live on. It's tempting to just pull up the anchor and go. We are still waiting for Raoul to return our 9 month extension papers. The joke here is that it takes 9 months to get the 9 month extension. We'll probably end up picking them up on the way out. It's time to pull out our passports and see how long we have before renewing. That often dictates when we go! In the meantime, we too, are on the hook, which brings restrictions and requires more conservations than life on the dock. The phone signal is non exitent but the internet is good.

It's finally Thanksgiving here, American Thanksgiving that is. Canadian Thanksgiving is a non event and I've been waiting all this time for turkey. Here at Texas Bay it's turkey and HAWG leg! The way Mike announces it on the morning radio net is enough to make you untie from the dock and head on down. First thing he told me he would do this morning is cook up some chicken and dumplings, so you have something to eat while you're cooking up the main feast. Texas Bay is supplying the turkey and hawg leg and everyone is bringing a dish or a desert. I guarantee the place will be quiet tonight as everyone sleeps off the late afternoon feast. It's a sleepy sort of place at the livliest of times, just perfect to wind down from the busy, noisy, dirty life in Fronteras.

John travelled to Fronteras, 15 miles from here, yesterday on one of 2 weekly trips in the Texan Bay launcha. There are no stores at all out here so everything must be bought in town. I spent the morning writing and watching the little swallows that perch on our life lines along the side of the boat a few inches from my window.

Yesterday armed with chart, camera, binoculars and cold drinks we set off to explore the elusive Rio Chacon Machaca, which winds many miles inland, far into the jungle. We discovered several beautiful rivers and lakes the Chacon Machaca was not one of them. Next time!

Behind me on shore a group of men are builing a house on stilts out over the water. We watch them every day, rain or shine, working in their bare feet with not much more than machetes and wood from the jungle. Once in a while they fire up a generator to use power tools but mostly it's just hack, hack, whack, whack, amazing what you can build with a machete. Up and up it goes, check back later and I'll follow their progress and hopefully add some video footage of our river exploration. So far no crocodiles but will keep looking!

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