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After Khao Yai, I left to go to the market town of Phitsanulok. I needed to go to a town that had a hospital since I was due for a rabies vaccine (that still makes me laugh when I say it;-) I walked around the town at night and checked out the night market, then got completely lost trying to get back to the hotel. I was starving and looking for a restaurant, and before I knew it I was totally turned around and couldn't find a street sign anywhere. Thailand is not like America, where there is a nice little sign on every corner telling you exactly where you are. No, in Thailand you are lucky to find a street sign, which then needs to be deciphered because the spelling on the sign is almost sure to be different than the spelling on the map. I hired my first saamlaw, which is basically a bike taxi, in order to get back. The driver was an older man who didn't speak a lick of English, but was still very patient while I butchered the name of the street I was trying to get to. After lots of nods and smiles, we were off. I was so grateful to him that I payed him double what he was asking. I hope, in a small way, I made his night. The hotel I stayed at was on the top floor of the building, with a killer view of the city. Even though it was very small and didn't have a bathroom, I will forever think of it as my Penthouse Suite;-)

The next day, I set off to find the hospital. I ended up on a back street far from the main road that followed the river. It was a very poor area that had rusty floating shacks along the banks of the river where people lived. I almsot got attacked by a pack of stray dogs while I was walking along, but after hastily crossing the street I avoided catastrophe. But, seriously, one of those suckers came charging after me and I had to shout at it and wave my arms to scare it off. It was frightening. I finally found the hospital, which was the most interesting hospital visit yet because no one spoke english, so I barely said anything the entire visit. After the hospital visit, I came to the border town of Mae Sot. Mae Sot is an interesting place because is sits on the border of Thailand and Myanmar, so there's a cool ethnic mix going on. I like Mae Sot very much; it just has a really good vibe to it. I only stayed there one night before heading down South to Um Phang, which is where I'm at now, but I will be going back to spend a few more days because I want to explore it more.

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