Lake Dennison June 2008 travel blog




Our first camping trip this year! The kids have been so excited, they can hardly contain themselves. Of course, McKenna's first journey is to the beach. The kids splashed and played happily.

After ten minutes or so, Dave says to me, "Don't you think they would have told us when we checked in that the beach was closed?" Sure enough, the sign that we walked on the wrong side of said the beach was closed due to a high bacteria count. Great. Our last episode with bacteria counts at the beach landed Michael in the hospital for almost a week with shigella...not an experience I'd care to repeat. However, since the kids were already drenched, we figured a few more minutes wouldn't hurt them (any more, at least). So we told them we wanted to go explore and they could play just a few more minutes.

Dragging McKenna out of the water is never easy, but it is do-able, with the right motivation - S'mores!

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