Carnival Legend - December 2008 travel blog

The positive feelings we had yesterday with our pleasant experience in the port of Tampa, continued at the Tampa airport. This fairly new facility is well designed and organized. Ken got caught up for a long time in security as they struggled to identify all the wires and gizzmos he lugs around. This happens every so often and we are mystified about which items trouble them and which they entirely ignore. Since even luxury airlines like Southwest no longer serve much food, the waiting area had a number of food vendors that sold lunches packaged to easily be taken on board.

It's always a shock to the system to travel from 80º to 10º. We were supposed to wait outside for the pick up van to the parking lot, but he was there waiting for us, heater running on high. He told us that all the snow that had fallen had pretty much melted yesterday, but rain and melted snow had turned Chicago into an ice rink. Our car was encased in a shining ice coating, but the doors opened, the car started, and we were on our way back to reality.

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