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beautiful day

could be worse...

When we woke up in Belize, it was cloudy, windy and cool. White caps stirred the water. Belize is famous for its reefs and scuba and snorkeling, so we and many of our fellow passengers had signed up to enjoy this watery paradise. We gathered in the lounge as we waited for our tour to be called. The tours that went to the Mayan ruins left promptly, but some of us have seen enough Mayan ruins after two winters in Mexico, to last us a lifetime. Soon all the snorkeling tours but ours were canceled, because the high seas stirred up the water and made swimming unpleasant. We waited for an hour until finally our tour was canceled as well. Bummer!

When we returned to the cabin to change out of our swimming suits, we ended up glued to CNN on TV. We are embarrassed to admit being from Illinois. Here’s hoping that our idiotic and criminal governor doesn’t interfere with the important work our beloved president elect is trying to do. Suspicions about him have been swirling in the news for quite some time, but now that they have him soliciting funds to fill the senate seat vacancy, he needs to resign and go quietly to jail. Like that will happen!!

After tearing ourselves away from the television, we picked up tender tickets so we could be transported to shore and see the delights of Belize City, a town the cruise staff had given faint praise. The tender trip to shore would take about forty minutes through the white caps, but we wanted to see whatever there was to see there. Our tender number was called and we gathered in the hallway to get on board. We waited and waited and waited. The hallway got hot and close and we began to wonder if it was worth it. Sometimes it’s not good to be as experienced as we are. Our minds kept going back to a day when we stood in line for over two hours on shore in darkness because the ocean was too stirred up to tender us back to the boat. Should we stand in line and tender to a town that had little to offer? Was it worth it to risk staying in Belize much longer than we wanted? Decision made.

So we returned to our balcony to read and watch a movie. Could be worse...

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