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There’s nothing more restful than a day at sea. However, since we are retired, the rest is not quite as sweet as it was when we were still working stiffs. It’s nice to have a chance to get to know the ship and to spend some quality time on the balcony right outside our door. We received the Carnival Caper, a daily handout describing a full roster of activities that could keep a cruiser as busy as he wants to be. Since this is Carnival, many of them are of the “hairiest chest contest” variety, but we did enjoy a talk given by the golf pro. It would be possible to play golf at all the ports we visit, but the fees involved, far exceed the joy we would get from the experience. It was obvious that this golf pro lives, eats and breathes golf and after about fifteen minutes, he had given us so many tips my eyes started to glaze over and my short term memory bank was full. It will be a while before we have a chance to try to implement some of his suggestions.

We are scheduled to eat second sitting at 8:15pm. We never eat this late at home, but on a cruise this provides ample time to enjoy the day and get spiffed up for dinner. We’ve heard that first sitting is full, but our time slot is definitely not and we are eating alone at a table for four. Eating with unknown others is always a crap shoot. It can provide for great conversation and new insights or be a tiresome bore. We’ll just have to enjoy one another this week. Tonight we were supposed to dress in our best for dinner. Bowing to the recent trends, Ken left his tuxedo and I left my sequins at home, but a man at the next table arrived in shorts. Tsk, tsk...

The captain and most of the naval officers are from Italy. The rest of the crew we come in contact with is either Eastern European or Southeast Asian. Our waiter is from Bali, Indonesia and has been working cruises for 17 years. This has enabled him to build a home in the city for his family and to send them to school, but his frequent absences must leave a hole in all their hearts. We enjoyed the classical music performances provided by two violinists and a pianist. We were not surprised to hear that they are from Poland. We have heard similar quality music from Poles on other cruises. Theirs must be an educational system that still values classical music. Cool jazz is played in the Satchmo Lounge by a band from the Philippines. The head of the hotel department is introduced as being from Germany, but her unpronounceable name hints that her family came there from Turkey not too long ago. The international aspect of a cruise crew makes us feel that we are traveling to more than four ports.

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