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port authority sign

Tampa behind the pool

view of Tampa from the deck

Tampa panorama

sailing out

Carnival is the largest cruise ship company in the world, although many of the ships under the Carnival umbrella sail under other company names such as Cunard and Princess. It has obviously learned what people want and how to manage the teeming throngs that board and disembark its ships every week. This cruise is value priced and attracts folks who have never cruised before or who cannot afford lengthier cruises to more exotic locations. On our way to the port we traveled with a couple who were rookies and did not realize that it was not their responsiblity to haul their luggage to their cabin. They had not noticed the luggage tags that came with their documents and scrambled to get organized while the porter waited patiently. This made us think back to our early cruising days. How did we know what to do? Since on-line did not exist, we bought all our travel from agents who explained what to expect. It was their job it was to provide you with a good travel experience and prepare you for what was ahead. Today you can get far more thorough and complete information on the web, but you have to know to look.

As we stood in line it was easy to spot the cruisers from Florida. They were bundled up in jackets and scarves although the temperatures were in the 60’s and the sun was out. The Yankees wore tank tops, shorts and flip flops and reveled in the warmth. The line moved quickly and we found ourselves on board well before the cabin was available. This was a good time to wander around. We had an odd deja vous feeling. As is the case with a number of American made automobilies, Carnival has some designs and floor plans that work for them and they use them repeatedly on each new vessel. Although the decor was unfamiliar, even a navigationally challenged person such as myself had an unfamiliar feeling that I knew exactly where I was. Savor the moment.

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