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Our map doesn't show the round about way that we got here by.

We traveled to southern Colorado, across the Oklahoma panhandle and into Texas. We spent one night at a picnic area north of Amarillo and then a night in Amarillo. RV park was substandard!

We then traveled west to Albuquerque. Did a little exploring around there, but it was COLD. Had some work done on the Airstream and then headed south to Truth or Consequences. Nice little RV park overlooking the city and Turtle Mountain. We visited a hot springs spa where we had a private decked in mineral springs tub overlooking the Rio Grande at sunset. Wow!

The museum in T or C tells all about how the town got its name in a contest with the television show of the same name and the producer/director/show host Ralph Edwards. (Later the host was Bob Barker.)

From there we headed south to Las Cruces, NM where we stayed for a week. We stayed at the KOA RV park and it was delightful. The park is on a hillside overlooking the city and the rest of the valley plus the Organ Mountains. Both sunrise and sunsets were magnificent!

We visited old Mesilla, which has the oldest building in NM and the old jail where Billy the Kid was tried and jailed. He escaped only to be killed later.

When you travel full time like this every once in a while you have to take care of things like having the dirty, stinky poodle groomed and buying his special foods. There's also laundry and house cleaning. The blessing is it takes very little time to deep clean this place, but Dale refuses to give up wearing clothes....so laundry is always there.

We met and spent some time with 2 couples while we were in Las Cruces. We will, no doubt, be seeing them again.

The one couple were doing CSI training for the local police department. They were SO fascinating!

Deming NM was our next stop. Took a side trip down to Pancho Villa state park which is about 3 miles from the Mexican border. We are always amazed at our public school history gaps. The "Punative Expedition" conducted by General Pershing and his troops was an amazing preparation for WWI and the first time trucks and cars were used in war by US troops. (Of course the donkeys had to deliver the gas to the trucks!!)

Visiting wineries has become an interest of ours and Deming has the largest in NM. St Clair was a fun place to visit and they managed to get some of our $$$$$.

Well, if anyone reads this let us know. :o)

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