Duane & Jo's U.S. and Canada Tour: 2008 travel blog

Bridge across Lake Pontchartrain. You can see New Orleans in the distance.

And we could see it better as we got closer.

We visited St. Louis Cemetery #1. Where the dead are buried "above...

Some tombs are larger than others.

Street entertainers on Burbon St.

Very interesting architecture.

St. Louis Cathedral as seen from Jackson Square.

Statue of Andrew Jackson.

View of Jackson Square and the cathedral.

Sternwheeler on the Mississippi River.

This huge oak tree in the state park had interesting branches.

Some trees don't survive the storms.

We had a woodpecker for a neighbor in the tree next to...

We took a nature hike through the bayou.

Most of it was pretty wild looking, occassionally we came upon a...

Our bike trail followed an old railroad line. They used part of...

Some places in this swampy land are very serene and picturesque.

A great blue heron looking for dinner.

We visited an interesting hardware store in Covington, LA.

In addition to having current merchandise it also had lots of antique...

Once again, we cross the Mississippi at Baton Rouge.

The highway was raised as we went down the center of the...

Our campground in the New Orleans area was on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain. New Orleans is on the south side of the lake, we crossed a 24 mile causeway to get there. When we took the bridge to Prince Edward Island,(it was 16 miles long and cost $42 to cross) we thought that was the longest bridge, but the Pontchartrain Causeway seems to have it beat by several miles. It was built in the 60's and costs only $3 rd. trip. Our untrained eyes didn't see any evidence of Katrina as we drove around the city. We spent our time in N.O. looking around the French Quarter and an area on the Mississippi called Riverwalk. This was our second time to cross the Mississippi as we crossed it going east in Minnesota in early Aug. The French Quarter was a fun place to spend time. We enjoyed the fascinating architecture on narrow streets, the street entertainers on Bourbon Street, and a great dinner at the Palace Cafe restaurant.

Our campground was on high ground between the marshlands of Lake Pontchartrain and swamps that seem to be all around the N.O. area. It had sustained damage from hurricanes Gustav and Ike, and had been closed for several weeks in Sept. and Oct. We noticed a lot of topped trees and plant debris and some apparent water damage at the shoreline. We spent time on the north shore enjoying a nature hike, bike trails and restaurants in the area.

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