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We are on our own!

Jews came to India in 72 A.D. and this Synagogue was built...


The tiles - no two are the same.

Gate at the Synagogue.

Anne At the gate.

Shops on the way back.

Our Hotel, The Malibar House

The courtyard of the hotel.

A small pool.

Our room complete with a mosquito net.

A playing field across the street.

St Francis Church - a very old church.

The tower.

We did a sunset cruise.

We were the only passengers!

The famous Chinese fishing nets.

We were there just at the right time.

A large prow fishing boat.

There were hundreds of fishing boats in the harbor.

Anne at sunset.

The setting sun is perfect.

A fishing boat speeds home.

A row of row boats.

Net cleaning. Be sure to watch the video.

Dinner back at the hotel.

Tom's lobster.

A fanciful dessert.

A perfect sunset.

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The fishermen chanting and cleaning their nets

This morning we left the hotel at 9:00 and drove to Cochin where we stopped at the old Jewish Synagogue, in an area known locally as "Jewtown". Jews first came to India in 72 A.D. and this synagogue was built in 1568. It is beautiful, with tiles from China covering the floor. Each tile is hand-painted, and no two are the same. They are all blue on white. On the short walk from our car to the synagogue, we were hounded all the way by shop owners saying the classic line "just look, no buy". Yeah, sure! If you express any interest you are in for it.

We then came to our hotel, the exquisite boutique hotel, Malabar House, right in heart of the best sights in Cochin - near the Chinese fishing nets and the old British parade ground.

That evening, the hotel had booked us a one-hour sunset harbor cruise at 5:30. We took an autorickshaw (three-wheeler), with an driver who called it his Ferrari, for a very short drive to the dock. To our surprise, we boarded a small tugboat, just us, the captain and a guide. We were lucky - the sunset was great, and the sight of the setting sun behind the Chinese fishing nets (see photos), for which Cochin is famous, was spectacular. We then saw many, many fishing boats all docked, some loading ice for the next day, and others cleaning their fishing nets. One boat was lifting and hauling their large net as a team, and chanting a work song led by the boss - that was enchanting!

Dinner at our hotel was delicious - Tom had spiny lobster and Anne had prawns - and even chocolate dessert! The was live Indian music (Indian violin and drum - no loudspeaker)) in the dining area.

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