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Em slept for 8 hours with a constant frown on her face...

View of the journey through the grotty train window!

Again that ISN'T patterned wall paper, that is mould! Thanks for the...

So we caught the 8.15am train today bound for Yogyakarta.

The carriage we was in was pretty grubby and the aircon didn't seem to be working so we had to move to and even grubbier carrige where the aircon was a bit better!

We mainly tried to sleep to block it all out for most the trip!

Lunch was brought round at 1.30ish which we wasn't expecting! It was like airplane food but actually really nice! It was rice veg and tofu and shrimp crackers!

After that back to sleep for a bit then I realised that the scenery outside was amazing! We went past little villages and paddy fields were everywhere!

Before we knew it we had arrived at around 4.45pm, we didn't have anywhere booked so we went for a wander to see what we could find.

We had read that a hostel called Superman 2 was supposed to be new and clean but it was now just a restauraunt and were taken to Superman 1........We had a quick look at the room and pretty much just took it as it seemed alright, although upon closer inspection it wasn't patterned wallpaer on the walls it was damp and mould! Aaaaand the toilet didn't flush and stank of drains! It was pretty nasty so we decided to head out and have a look around.

The town was really strange! It seemed very traditional in one sense but also had big shopping malls with pizza huts and designer shops!

We grabbed some food and then had a walk around to see if there was anywhere else to stay as we were planning to check out of Supermould first thing in the morning.

We went to an internet cafe and had a look for places, we found somewhere not much more than where we were staying and it looked amazing! It was slightly out of the main area but cabs are dirt cheap so we decided to head there tomorrow.

Back to grotsville for one of the worst nights sleep ever! But Yogyakarta seems ok so thats a bonus!


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