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Cuenca is known for its 15thcentury casas colgadas (hanging houses), which are precariously positioned on a clifftop with their balconies projecting out over the gorge. We walked upto the old town over the Puente San Pablo (1902), an iron footbridge that crosses the ravine. Stopped outside the cathedral (famous for its abstract style stained glass windows) but we only had the half day in Cuenca and opted to spend our time in a traditional tapas bar just off the square rather than go to church. Free tapas with drink, huge bocadillos (sandwiches), locals sitting watching sport – we were the only English speakers and were the bar staff and customers seemed to go out of their way to look after us. There was a local band that was playing through out the town.

After a walk down the hill and Michael explaining the angle of repose so that I understood just how precarious the entire cliffside town was we had a siesta before going out for dinner at another traditional tapas bar.

We also discovered that there was a good car for sale ..... only driven to church on Sundays!

Another one of my favourite spots in Spain – again, I think because it was not very touristy (walking to and from the station with our backpacks we had car loads of young people calling out to us, they seemed quite happy when we managed to communicate that we did not speak any Spanish, that we spoke English and were from Australia.

As an aside ... have discovered putting your hand on your chest and saying “Australia” seems to work as apology or excuse for pretty much anything (especially not speaking the language) – at the very least you get an “Ah Australia”, maybe something about it being far away and the other favourite is for the person to start hopping as they say kangaroo.

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