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Hello everyone. We’re doing fine and stayed overnight last night along the east coast of Baja in Mulege. It’s a little more than half way down to Cabo. All is going according to plan. This RV park has full service, 30 Amps, water (with pressure), and sewer. We get a chance to recharge the batteries and start out with clean tanks and full water. We scouted out a place yesterday that we could stay on the beach just down the road and dry camp for 70 pesos. Or about 60 cense per night. I has a nice looking restaurant and we may stop for lunch and try it out. On the way back maybe we will stay for a night. I came down with a sore throat but it started in the US and I think I know who gave it to me so we went the Pharmacy and picked up some antibiotics. About $5 and you don’t need to go to a Dr. to get a prescription. Yesterday Marthica started complaining her throat was getting sore so we went and got some for her. I am feeling much better but bug got into my sinuses before I could stop it and I feel like I have a week cold. I wouldn’t normally attack a sore throat so aggressively but it is a possibility it is strep. We are kind of hurrying down to Cabo and will stop on the way back as we have the time and interest. No phone service from T-Mobile down here so far. If anyone has news for us, send me an email. My AT&T internet card works great and I can get email in almost any larger city. A couple of days ago I had a bay door that wouldn’t open but yesterday the lock worked perfect. No other problems but narrow roads and steep drop-offs. We are stopping at all of Fantasy’s RV parks and visiting with the vendors so we are meeting some nice people and being treated very nice. It has made the trip much more pleasant than just driving down the road. So long for now.

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