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Well here we are back in Cairo, but only for the day. The last few days have been really busy. The quah bikes on Monday were a lot of fun. They brought us all over on the beach and then up into the mountains to see the sunset. After the quads we were all so dusty but ended up going out to this bar and having dinner and drinks and playing some games of pool. (I didnt do as well this time... oh well)

On Tuesday (Nov. 4) we had a long relaxing day by the pool and got massages in the afternoon. We had to go to a different hotel to get the massages and the massage guy drove us there and gave us a little tour of the area on the way back, which made a lot of other people mad considering that they had appointments (which we kept reminding him about) after us. The other people ended up canceling and we all went to town again that night for dinner. Our tour leader is well known in the town so everywhere we all went to eat we got free starters and desserts as well as a discount price on our meals. Very nice! We were name dropping him whereever we went to see what we could score - and it worked!

Yesterday (Wednesday, Nov. 5) was super busy. We woke up early and went snorkeling to at this place called the Blue Hole. It is this huge ring of coral and in the middle it drops to over 200 meters. The corals were so many different colors and were so pretty. There were tons of different fish and my camera worked great underwater this time! We went snorkeling a couple different places in that area and spent most of the day there. The deal was, if we ate at the restuarant there for about 40 pounds ($8) the transportation and snorkeling were free - not a bad deal!

After snorkeling we went back to the hotel and Kathleen and I had about 1/2 hour to shower and pack our bags before horseback riding. Somehow we managed to be ready with time to spare. I would just like to start out by saying that this will be my last horseback riding experience EVER. They gave me a horse that seemed nice enough at first and I told them that I did not want to run, I wanted to go slow. This all went alright for about the first 40 minutes or so until this stupid kid rode up on his donkey and hi-jacked my horse. He grabbed the reigns away from me and made my horse start running with me still on it. I was yelling at him "no" and "stop" but he just laughed and said "yes, yes". Finally I grabbed the reigns back and got him to go away. A few minutes later my horse desides that it wanted to go for a roll in the sand. So it layed down (with me still on it) and once I got my foot free from under it I jumped off and ran away from it before it started rolling all over on its back, kicking its legs in the air. After that I refused to get back on that horse. To my many protests they gave me another horse "very slow... very nice... you like" but before I got on I made the guy promise not to leave my horse and not to run at all. I was soon the last person in line and WAY behind the rest of our group. I didnt care cuz I wasnt about to jump off another horse. This all went fine until we passed the horses stable on the way back to where we would meet as a group. The horse refused to go any further and started getting upset when the guy would try to pull him in another direction. Not wanting to be on an upset horse I told the guy to let the horse go home and I would walk... but no, this was not acceptable. Instead I was given a donkey to ride bareback the rest of the way. Funny thing though, I actually preferred the donkey a lot more and even let him run with me on it. I made it back about 15 minutes after the rest of the group - who found it hilarious when I came trotting up on a donkey - no horse in sight. (yes there are pictures)

Anyways! After that whole adventure we went out to eat and back to the bar we had been going to all week for the volleyball match. We didnt get to stay long since Kathleen and I had to take an overnight bus back to Cairo - something I do not recommend to anyone. We arrived around 6 this morning and have a room to use at Indiana Hotel for the day (a much nice one than our first couple nights here) it even has running water and comfy beds! So we now have napped and showered and have the rest of the day to repack our bags and relax before taking our first flight towards getting to Tanzania. (Unfortunately this involves a 10 hour overnight layover in the Dubai airport).

African adventure round 2 is on its way... stay tuned!

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